This page updated 2 July 2018

Current Notices

Autumn Concert

Rehearsals start on Monday 3 September for the autumn concert. The works to be sung are: Elgar’s The spirit of England (Novello), and Vaughan Williams’s Dona nobis pacem (Oxford); the hire charge will be £5 for those without their own copies. The full rehearsal schedule is now available.

Autumn term – raffle prizes

We are short of raffle prizes for September so please bring in anything you have that is suitable.

Note from Jamie Sperling

Hello everybody,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for a wonderful two years of music making. I have loved my time with the Choral Society, and having had a couple of days to reflect since Sunday’s concert, it still staggers me just how much music we have worked through and enjoyed together over these past couple of seasons. It was a privilege for me to lead the choir in the summer and Christmas concerts, and the particular highlight musically has to be the Bach B Minor Mass concert last year where you all brilliantly took the initiative with one of the most difficult pieces in the choral repertoire and performed with true style and dedication.
I wish you all the best for the future as you start a new chapter with Robyn. Ellie and I would love to stay in touch with you, and we’re delighted to be able to tell you that Ellie will be performing with Ex Cathedra in the Assembly Hall in TW on Saturday 22nd September. It would be lovely to see some familiar faces in the Audience.
For those who weren’t able to sing in the Summer concert, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be graduating from the Academy with a Distinction in my Choral Conducting Master’s degree, and today I also found out that I have been awarded the Alan Kirby prize. If anyone would like to stay in touch with me, and my future projects, my website is

With very best wishes, and thanks,



Most rehearsals take place between 19.30 and 21.30 (7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m ) on Mondays in St John’s Church Hall. There is usually a short break at about 20.30 for announcements and raffle prizes. Members are asked to arrive no later than 19.25 and to be ready to start singing at 19.30.  Any changes will be noted in the rehearsal schedule.

Please arrive promptly, and always have with you a soft pencil and eraser for conductor’s markings. You should never use ink or a highlighting pen on hired music. Keeping chatter to a minimum during the rehearsal is a courtesy to the conductor.

Various note–learning aids are available. ChoraLine is recommended for learning, with CDs or (cheaper) downloadable mp3 files available. These can be purchased from ChoraLine – a 10% discount is available to RTWCS members who use the word TUNBRIDGE as a discount code in the shopping basket window. You can also order by phone on 07561 445897 and tell them that you are a member of the Royal Tunbridge Wells Choral Society.

Streamed MIDI and other music files files of the more popular choral works can be downloaded free from “Cyberbass ” and ““. The latter site also has useful tips on how to play MIDI files on your computer, which varies according to your computer’s operating system and applications.

Reporting website problems

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