This page enables access to pdf files of a short book on the Society’s history entitled “90 plus”. It was written by Mary Standen who joined the choir in 1945 and was membership secretary for most of the latter half of the 20th century.

Preface and Main text

The following photographs and illustrations from “90 plus” with a few others can be viewed in the gallery page:

  • Francis Foote – the choir’s founder and conductor up to 1942
  • Albert Croucher – the choir’s conductor 1945-1948
  • Robin Miller – the choir’s musical director from 1948-1953
  • Dr Harold May – the choir’s musical director from 1953-1964
  • Derek Watmough – the choir’s conductor at the time the time the book was published (c. 1996)
  • The choir singing carols in 1963
  • The choir singing carols in 1967

Appendix I was a list of all RTWCS concerts up to 2000 (The link is to an amended version of the original appendix with links to copies of programmes where available. The original appendix is linked from the bottom of that page).

Appendix II is a list of concerts with the Wiesbaden Bach Chor 1985-1999 (amended version of the original).

Mary Standen died in March 2002 after serving the society for over 50 years. Our concert in November 2003 (Bach’s Christmas Oratorio) was dedicated to her memory as a mark of the choir’s affection and gratitude.