The Society is a registered charity (no 273310).

Its charitable objective is “to educate the public in the arts and sciences and in particular the art and science of music by the presentation of concerts and other activities”. Details of our registration and other matters recorded by the Charity Commission can be seen through this link and enter our number (273310). Amongst the details shown on the Charity Commission website are:

Activities of the Society
Accounts summaries over the last 5 years
Compliance with the Commission’s reporting requirements
Trustees (as at the date of the last submission)

Because we are a charity all donations can be treated as “gift aid”; this is encouraged as it enables the society to claim the notional tax assumed paid by the donor from HMRC. A Gift Aid Form can be downloaded here.

Although subscriptions are paid by members, and cash paid for concert tickets, this income is not enough to fund all our activities. We rely on Friends, Patrons and Sponsors (individual and corporate) to make up the balance. For details please follow this link.